About Mark Brooks

I’ve had an interesting life, going from a childhood in a small town nestled in the North Carolina mountains, to working and living Manhattan, to returning to the Carolinas in 2001 to be near family and friends.  My professional background is all about business, beginning with a BS undergraduate degree, progressing to an MBA from NYU while living in Manhattan.  My business experience includes work for large corporations in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries, primarily in IT area.

I attended church throughout my childhood and adult years, but was what you might call a “nominal Christian.”  This changed in 2003, when I started having spiritual experiences.  In an effort to figure out what was happening to me, I began to devour books on world religions, mysticism, monasticism, philosophy, theology and science, to name a few.

I started writing the book’s first edition in 2011 while working a full-time job, and published it in January 2016.  That April, I went to a Science and Consciousness conference to network and to discuss with attendees what I had written.  It was during this time that I realized my book needed to be more science-oriented.  This experience led me to write the second edition, which was published in September 2017.  The important thing to note about this work is that everything contained within the books was self-taught.  I have never taken a formal philosophy, theology or quantum mechanics course.  I believe it was the “lack” of formal training that enabled me to see Christianity and Jesus’s teachings from the “different perspective” that has been captured in my book.