How Infinity Could Exist in Nature

(The following is an excerpt from the second edition of my book. While it does not appear in the third edition, I believe it contains an important idea regarding the dimensions of consciousness within a 3D universe – spacial location, point in time, and scale order of magnitude. I’ll write more about this in a later post.)

Infinity exists in two ways mathematically – as an increasingly larger series of whole numbers, and as an increasingly smaller series of fractions between two whole numbers.

In our physical 3D universe, infinity cannot exist in nature because it violates physics’ law of the conservation of mass and energy. This law states that mass and energy in the physical universe is fixed and that nothing can be added to or taken away from it. It is impossible to have an infinity in a 3D world because you cannot have an infinite amount of mass – it must be fixed.

The fourth dimension, however, introduces the property of looping, meaning that 4D objects can loop back upon themselves in a never-ending, or infinite, form.  If you look at a moving image of a tesseract, the fourth dimensional expansion of a 3D cube, you will see how its inner edge expands outward and then loops back upon itself to return to the original point.  In four spacial dimensions, therefore, infinity could exist.

In nature, the property of scale, the movement at the same point in space from the sub-atomic to the celestial, mimics the properties of a 4D infinity, but can it loop?  Possibly. The strength of gravity is predicted to be similar at the two extremes of scale and similar structures are predicted to exist there as well.

Regarding structures, String Theory predicts that a quantum foam-like mass of tiny vibrating loops exists at the very smallest scale of the physical universe.  If scale is a 4D infinity, then these tiny vibrating loops could be the looping galaxies we see at the largest extreme, and the “quantum foam” predicted at the micro-scale could also be the “cosmic foam” that the Planck Millennium and Bolshoi cosmological simulations predict to exist at the macro-scale.

If this were true, then how could loops occur?  The answer is black holes!  Black holes are known for their ability to disintegrate matter, and white holes, their theorized opposite, could redeposit extremely large scale matter (i.e., planets and galaxies) back into the universe at the sub-atomic level.  Black and white holes could serve as the intra-dimensional matter recycling facility of a fourth dimensional scale loop, meaning that infinity could exist in nature.

For a more detailed description of this proposition, and illustrations, see Chapter Two in the second edition of the book, Christianity from a Different Perspective.

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