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For decades, Christians have had difficulties providing factual evidence that supports what they believe in faith. This situation could soon change, however, as a result of developments in science instead of theology. This book shows how, by changing a single premise undergirding science’s understanding of reality, many of the supernatural aspects of the Bible can be explained. It addresses this claim through a new paradigm that answers:

  • How God, heaven, and eternal spiritual beings could actually exist.
  • The role that Christianity and other world religions play in the spiritual development process.
  • How the Bible’s book of Revelation describes an individual spiritual test of one’s readiness for eternal life – not a battle between good and evil!

This book also describes three frameworks that present the paradigm in greater detail. They cover:

  1. Physical and Non-Physical Dimensions – Describing how humanity’s existence on Earth integrates with the purpose for the existence of the universe.
  2. Spiritual Development – Laying out a path that integrates one’s intellectual understanding of faith with their life experiences and spiritual practices to produce a unique internalized spirituality.
  3. Human Psychic Abilities – Demystifying telepathy, mediumship, channeling, out-of-body experiences, and psychokinesis to illustrate how spiritual beings can use these abilities to communicate, travel, and manipulate objects.

Take a trip beyond scripture to develop insights into our eternal spiritual existence that are internally consistent with Jesus’s parables, the Beatitudes, and the book of Revelation – it is Christianity from a Different Perspective.

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